Tomei Adjustable Single AVCS Camshaft Pulley Set - 152013/152014

Tomei Adjustable Single AVCS Camshaft Pulley Set - 152013/152014

Brand: Tomei
Product Code: 152013/152014
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Tomei Adjustable Single AVCS Camshaft Pulley Set

This adjustable camshaft pulley set are designed to dial in cams to extract as much potential power at the correct rev range from an engine as possible by adjusting valve timing.

NOTE: These pulleys need to be installed by a specialist and set up accordingly.

This pulley set fits:

SINGLE AVCS Subaru Impreza Engines ONLY

If in doubt please contact us and we can confirm via registration/chassis no.

Features of Tomei Duralumin Pulleys:

Precision & Perfection

The pulley and inner plate are made from billet aluminium. The pulley gear part has been designed and manufactured from precision methods to guarantee reliability with securing the drive from the timing belt.

Application Specific Design

The cam pulley have been designed and manufactured individually so as when the pulley comes to the top it is easier to adjust the timing from TDC.

Ultra Durable

The hard anodized surface coating greatly increases the durability of the pulley. The added strength will allow the pulley to guarantee reliability for drag racing cars that are running monster power engines that exceed 1,000 HP and used with engine speeds in excess of 10,000 RPM.

Performance Use & Showroom Finish

The Duralumin material with the hard anodized surface treatment gives it better operational reliability and will enhance the look of your engine bay for that showroom finish.

Simple Scales for Adjustments

A simple scale was designed to help aid tuners anywhere are able to setup the settings on the scale to aid with easy setup process.