IAG Performance Oil Pick Up Pipe (EJ255, EJ257 and Twinscroll)

IAG Performance Oil Pick Up Pipe (EJ255, EJ257 and Twinscroll)

Brand: Subaru
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IAG Performance Oil Pick Up-Pipe

To avoid the cracking failures seen in the OEM oil pickup tubes, the Tigwerks oil pickup is manufactured from heavy-gauge steel tubing that is 3x thicker than OEM. Additionally, it features a flange machined from 3/8” 1018 CR steel to mate with the block, sealed with a Viton O-ring.

The integrated heavy-duty mounting bracket uses two mounting points rather than the OEM single mounting point. Furthermore, the oil pickup features a formed bottom with an OEM style mesh screen for proper filtration.

The TIG welded oil pickup increased material thickness matched with the two-point heavy-duty mounting bracket helps ensure it does not fatigue and fail over time like an OEM unit.
The Tigwerks by IAG Subaru EJ25 Oil Pickup is manufactured proudly in the United States at the IAG facility in Westminster, Maryland.


NOTE: This pick up will only fit cars fitted with a EJ255, EJ257 or Twinscroll sump

If in doubt, please contact us to confirm fitment