Genuine STI Uprated Pink "WRC" Subaru Timing Belt - ST130284S000

Genuine STI Uprated Pink "WRC" Subaru Timing Belt - ST130284S000

Brand: STI - Subaru Tecnica International
Product Code: ST130284S000
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Genuine STI uprated pink "WRC" timing belt

This timing belt is manufactured by the world renowned STI department of Subaru.

This uprated timing belt is a very worthwhile upgrade when running higher horsepower, and the timing belt is usually an overlooked item when building a higher powered engine.

This belt is reinforced and can sustain much higher power figures than a standard belt, and will refrain from stretching and jumping and will withstand higher temperatures than a standard belt.

NOTE: There may be an increase in noise from the motion of the timing belt, this is due to the reinforced material of the belt and is normal.

This timing belt will fit all Impreza's / Foresters and Legacys 1992 on-wards with EJ20 - 2.0lt, EJ25 2.5lt and EJ22 - 2.2lt TURBO Engines.

If in doubt please contact us and we can confirm via registration/chassis no

Extract from STI description:

"EJ20 Boxer engine, cogged timing belt which was adapted with strengthened rubber. In difficult morosport use,  this specification was used to avoid tooth jumping and to resist higher temperatures. We have been using this on the WRC car since."

As with ALL of our products, this is a GENUINE STI PRODUCT which we buy direct from Japan.

Fits all Subaru Imprezas, Legacy and Forester 1992-2014 with TURBO Engine.


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