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We import cars from Japan, both for stock in our Showroom and for customers as a Personal Import service.

We have built up a relationship over the years with our Agent in Japan – which enables us to act quickly on cars in the auctions, but also offering that personal touch to the service.

If you are looking to buy a car from Japan, here is a brief step by step walkthrough the process with us:

Our Process

Contact us

You contact us, and we have a discussion about what car you are after – make/model, colour, specification, desired target mileage and also if wanting something with modifications etc.

We then establish a working budget.

We secure a small deposit from you to initiate starting the hunt for a car.



We start looking through the daily auctions for a car to suit your needs, we also look within the dealer network in Japan to see if anything is suitable.



We select a car (or a selection of cars that suit your requirements) we have the auction sheets translated. If we deem them acceptable we run them past you, with the pictures available.

If the car is something you are happy with, we have the car inspected (with your approval).

Upon the inspection, if you chose to try and secure this car – we place the bid with Japan.


Car is Secured

Your bid is successful! That means the car is secured, and we then start the process of having the car inland transported to our agents and de-registered for export.



All aboard! We have loading information of your car, with the ship details so that you are able to track the cars voyage around the globe until it finally reaches the UK. Our port of choice is Bristol.


uk arrival

Car’s arrival to the UK.

We clear the car through UK customs, and then collect the car from docks.

We then give the car a deep thorough clean and Pre-Mot inspection.

We then take the car for MOT and a full geometry alignment check.



We complete all the necessary paperwork to register the car in your name, and you then become the first registered UK keeper.


Lets hit the road

You come and collect your car from us, and start to enjoy it on the UK roads!


Other benefits to us importing your car, is that we can carry out any servicing of your car inhouse.

We can also have the car mapped specifically for UK fuel, along with being able to supply and fit a vast array of performance upgrades.

If you are interested in taking the next steps to importing your car from Japan with us, then please do not hesitate to contact us on: 

Or call us on: 0117 3790070

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