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To keep your car reliable, it is essential to keep on top of regular service and routine maintenance. This ensures the optimum reliability and performance of your Subaru. We carry out in house general servicing, maintenance, repairs and performance tuning.

servicing & maintenance

Minor and major servicing – including spark plugs, gearbox and rear differential oil replacement.

Cambelt replacement – Full OEM Japanese bearing items used for reliability. With the option of replacing the water pump and oil pump at the same time, with various options of reinforced belts for motorsport/circuit applications.

Visual inspection, MOT preparation and arranging for MOT.

Performance and tuning

Being main dealers for a majority of the leading performance parts companies – not only do we carry the parts in stock, but we can also provide a fully fitted service at our fully equipped workshop.

We can offer all engine tuning parts along with a fully fitted and mapped service working with our selected Subaru Specialist Mapper – ensuring the maximum potential is achieved.


Exhaust upgrades – catback systems, downpipe and exhaust manifolds.

Clutch upgrades – standard upto twin plate clutch kits and lightweight billet flywheels

Induction and turbo chargers – billet wheel upgrades, stock location 500HP+ turbos and rotated setups.

Fuel system upgrades – parallel fuel rails, larger injectors, swirl pots and fuel pumps.

Engine replacements – we can supply crate built short engines and fully built forged engines as a fully installed option.

Handling – uprated anti-roll bars, droplinks, polybush kits and coilover kits installed with full alignment setup.

Brakes – fast road discs and pads, to fully floating motorsport big brake caliper kits.

HEL performance braided brake lines fully assembled in house, to suit all applications – with the possibility to make full custom car kits for circuit and motorsport applications.

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